There are two very important meetings this week at City Hall in Prattville, AL. Both are at 6:00 pm. The first is May 1st and it concerns the rezoning request on McQueen Smith area that involves the Overlook and Silver Hills area in Prattville. The second is May 3rd and concerns a request to conduct a feasibility study to create a Prattville city school system. More details on both can be found at I realize this is a lot to ask in one week but they both are ultimately going to cost the city money which means it's your tax dollars at work. Have a voice and come help shape your city of Prattville Alabama. There is also a lot of good information and letters from the city at According to the SavePrattville website they are wanting to Rezone a part of McQueen Smith and put in smaller homes than what is currently built. Also build a 300 unit apartment complex. For homes for sale in Silver Hills check out .