Welcome to Prattville!

1.History: In 1835, Daniel Pratt purchased nearly 2000 acres of land in the area that is now downtown Prattville, in order to expand the Cotton gin manufacturing operation that he shared with Samuel Griswold into Alabama. In addition to the gin factory, he established a sawmill, a gristmill, a cotton factory, and an operation that produced sashes, doors, and blinds. All of these enterprises prospered, causing the city to do so as well, which allowed him to industrialize the area within a dozen years. Although a large part of the original cotton gin building was completely destroyed by fire on September, 11, 2002, there are still a few of the beautiful original structures that still stand today. These buildings serve as a reminder to the residents of Prattville of all the thought, planning, and hard work that Mr. Pratt put into the great city of Prattville and that he laid the foundation to the beautiful city that Prattville is today.